open card - morphing effect irritating

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open card - morphing effect irritating

Post by Ulli on Fri 30 Jan - 9:18

I've just installed the latest update. Great work.

One point I've fount a bit irritating is this morphing effect when opening a card.
Mainmenue --> cards --> choose faction and type --> open a card --> you now see a relativly heavy morphing / blending effect from list-view to card-view, which I don't like that much.

I've been away from WM and this tool, so I don't really know if this is a new feature or not.
Is it possible to configure it via "preferences"?

The normal, smaller blend-effect when using all the other functions of this tool is good, but at this point it is (for me) just irritating.


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Re: open card - morphing effect irritating

Post by Admin on Fri 30 Jan - 14:51

well-spotted... this is a remain for some test i did on "transition" effects when going from one activity to another (and forgot to remove)... hopefully, this is the only place where the "card" activity is full-screen and the transition is visible.

i'm not sure i will patch the last release for this, but i will remove this "feature" which bring nothing to user experience for next time.


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