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Post by Admin on Thu 26 Sep - 7:38

Where are the card data? Why are the cards empty?

the application does not provide card content! to use card content, you have to use the "import data" functionality, then build your own data file, or use an existing one (you have a good chance to find one on this forum).

And now, where are the data files?

Privateer Press has contacted me to ensure their IP (intellectual property) should not be infringed directly, either by including card data in the application, or putting data files in direct access.

We had an agreement upon those terms :
- The application does not contain card data at startup
- The data files section of this forum is not open-access, and therefore can not be indexed by search-engines like google.

In order to prevent the proliferation of copyrighted data, the "data files" section is only for registered users of this forum. So, as a guest, you can not just come and pick data files.

If you want those data, you have to register. This is almost harmless to you : i have no intend to sell your emails, send you ads or whatever. This a just a technical issue to comply to Privateer Press demands.

The life of this application depends on those limitations, so be fair, don't distribute openly the data.

I have downloaded the files, and moved them into the Whac directory on my phone.  But when I go to import them, the application doesn't recognize that there are files there.

short story : your navigator is "too" smart, sees that the files are XML content, so it add the .xml extension. on Windows, the extension is masked so you don't see it, and when copied on the phone, the file is named foo.whac.xml

the import screen filters files upon name, and displays only files with .whac extension.

use an advanced file explorer like OI File manager on your phone to edit the file names in the whac dir and remove the .xml extension.

I have imported data, but the cards don't look like the real ones

This application is NOT like warroom and does not provide an exact copy of the cards. The data files are XML-based, and so they include only textual and structural data (structural like "this data is a feat" "this data is a spell"), not the images of the cards, or pictures of the models, copyrigthed faction-icons, ...

So, the "cards" are designed to display the information in a way that is readable, structured, but NOT exactly as in the cards.

I have imported data, but the icons seem weird...

Due to the same discussion with PP, we agreed on the fact that the icons provided in the application (for example : pathfinder, incorporeal, weapon master, ...) should not be designed in a way that could let the users think those icons are the same as PP provides in their books and Warroom.

So, i had to completely redesign those icons to make sure there will be no confusion! (And my main job is NOT icon-designer...)

You will have to use those icons and learn (and maybe love) their new design.. sorry, but the application WILL NOT use a strict or close copy of copyrighted PP icons.

How do i use tier?

After selecting a faction, click on the menu button which looks like a stair. Then choose the Tier List you want.
Note that your selection is restricted to entries authorized for the tier. If you have selected entries before choosing the Tier and they are not part of the Tier, they appear in red!

How do i use contracts?
Like a Tier! click on the menu which looks like a sceal, and choose the contract!

What about tier/contract bonuses?
When attaining a level in a tier, or if a contract gives bonuses, they are visible real-time in blue. This might be a FA or cost alteration, or a free model. In the last case, the model has cost "0" (in blue), and reverts to normal cost after selection (in the selected army zone, the free entry remains blue with a 0 cost.. only the next one will be payed the normal price)


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