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Post by oconnor0 on Thu 19 Jun - 17:58

I'm playing around with a theme force that has multiple model restrictions. There's the tier 1 restriction, but also a tier 3 restriction.

At tier 1 the requirements states that "This army can include only the models listed above." When I click on the tier 3, the text is the same, but the list of allowed models displayed above it doesn't change. It would be nice if there was some way to display the allowed subset to get to a tier.

I've also noticed that when I meet a certain tier requirement say tier 3 in this case. The unallowed models are removed from the Selection Choices tab. I like this. However I also want to be able to go back and be able to add those models in; basically to drop to a lower tier level. Is there a way to do that? I've only been able to do it by starting to create a new list.

Thanks again. Smile


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theme forces. Empty Re: theme forces.

Post by Admin on Thu 19 Jun - 20:41

i just published a new version, which will appear in a few hours, and which corrects the problems for "more" restricted levels, like vindictus' theme.

i you want to drop one tier level, the only way is to remove from your selection list one required model/unit from previous tier levels. you can then re-add the models who do no fit in the next level.


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