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error on login / account creation Empty error on login / account creation

Post by Admin on Mon 20 Apr - 10:11

i have been notified that some people have problems creating an account on the forum
- either they get "error 230" whatever they do
- or the validation email never comes, and they can not activate their account.

in either case, I HAVE NOT SOLUTION that you can use to make your subscription OK by yourself.

actually, the only way is to send me ( slaforet (at) gmail (dot) com) a request with your desired user nickname, email, so that i can manually either create the account from scratch (in case of error 230) or validate the account (in case your never received the mail that can do that).

remember that this forum is a free hosting solution, which may not be 100% available. i do not receive enough donation to migrate on a paying solution, so be kind if things do not work at first try.


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