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[Suggestion] Filter by Owned/Painted Empty [Suggestion] Filter by Owned/Painted

Post by elereg on Tue 12 May - 3:10

Some feature I'd really love to see is to be able to filter the models I own/already have painted in the List Building feature.

Sometimes trying to search for a model in a big list can be a little annoying.
And usually I'm building a list just for playing with my painted models.

The app seems to already have a list filtering when building a Theme Force list.

Wouldn't be nice to enhance the collection management feature with this?
Right now, the collection feels a little bland and it could encourage people to use it more.

I couldn't say where those option button would be better, speaking in UX terms.
But maybe adding a kind of <Select/> in the action bar menu may work.

And thanks for all your efforts to make a better Warmachine/Hordes experience Smile


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[Suggestion] Filter by Owned/Painted Empty Re: [Suggestion] Filter by Owned/Painted

Post by Tiran on Fri 22 Jan - 3:01

Can I second this request, it was one of the features I used all the time back in the ibodger days and have missed it quite a lot.
Also the collection manager showing points owned/painted would also be a lovely feature to track what you're doing and how fast.


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