Issue with Data files for 1.6.0 release (bugs)

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Issue with Data files for 1.6.0 release (bugs) Empty Issue with Data files for 1.6.0 release (bugs)

Post by ukos78 on Tue 7 Apr - 16:13


 I have been using your app for a long time and it is probably one of the best army builders out there.
There is an issue with the current data sets that I have noticed that was present before the most recent update and has been carried across.

Mercanaries army

Puppet master contract - as soon as you select this contract for your army you lose the ability to add any solos (the drop down itself is hidden) preventing you from adding Cephalyx or Cryx solos.

Everblight army

Valy 1 tier winterstorm

Although the infernals have reasoned it out and have confirmed that a beast pack counts as sufficient models to trigger tier requirements the App does not appear to recognise this, though this may be a limitation of the software rather then error.

If there are any workarounds please let me know


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